Shot during the 2004 election, this documentary asks the question "Why do people vote?" It explores the everyday American's perspective on the electoral process, the media's portrayal of politics, and what changes they would most like to see from politicians.
The American Divide
About the film
50/50 : The American Divide is a documentary about why people vote and why they don’t vote, shot during the 2004 presidential election. We set out to find a divided country, the red/blue reality that was being hyped by the mainstream media. What we found was an electorate that was more intelligent, more passionate about the political process, and more reasonably centrist than the media  were reporting. This documentary presents the voices of “we the people” and inspires hope about the future of America. The movie starts in Duluth on election day 2003 and ends on election day 2004. It features Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson, St. Louis County Commissioner Steve O'Neil, U.S. Congresssman James Oberstar, and former U.S. Senator Mark Dayton, along with over one hundred American voters and non-voters from across the nation.
Los Angeles
Portraits from the movie
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